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About Us

Horizon Education Services aims to help your child to achieve their best and become more comfortable with their studies. It is our mission to breakdown the barriers of education and make learning accessible to all.

* Is your child lacking in confidence or struggling to keep up?

* Are they a high achiever who’s not been stretched enough?

Whatever your child’s age or academic ability, Horizon Education Services can help. 

“All things are difficult before they are easy.”

Thomas Fuller

Improve Predicted Grades

Whether your child is falling behind in their maths skills, or if they’re already at the top of the class, they will benefit from focused guidance to improve their skills and results. This means that in our sessions, we will be able to focus upon exactly what they might need to study right now, rather than simply where they are in their school syllabus at the moment.

Boost Confidence & Self-Belief

Feeling ‘not good enough at maths’ affects many pupils, across all abilities.
Our lessons can sensitively identify and help to overcome their limiting thoughts and beliefs so they can grow their maths skills and achieve better exam results.

Develop Exams and Test Skills

Students need to know how best to approach taking their maths exams, otherwise they won’t gain the highest marks possible.
Our lessons can help by explaining exactly how to work through their exam papers, how best to evaluate multiple-choice questions, how to allocate their time and suchlike. Early practice on this can help to reinforce those habits when taking final exams.

We cover the following subjects:

• Maths KS1 -GCSE

• English KS1-GCSE

• 11+ test preparation 

• Common entrance exam test preparation

Our lessons are individually tailored to each student and their specific educational needs, ensuring any SENs are incorporated. 

Get in touch with us today via lucy@horizoneducationservices.co.uk

‘Thank you so much for helping our family reintegrate our son back into the school system. Your advice and knowledge is invaluable to us.’

– Claire S.

‘You helped our son score a hat-trick with his 11+ exam results; we can not recommend you enough for your support and expertise.’

– Jane F.

‘You gave our daughter the confidence she needed to achieve her goals! Having ASD isn’t easy when you’re 8 but you made learning enjoyable and fun.
Thank you!’

– George A.

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Due to COVID-19 all sessions are currently being held online.